A Woman’s Guide to Buy the Perfect Party Dress


Women love to dress be it any occasion. They take pains in selecting the right dress and then get the proper accessories to go for it. There are beautiful party dresses for women in sequins, silk, lace and tulle which make them feel like a princess.

There are many options available both online and offline, but you need to consider few things before buying a dress. The dress should be in line with the woman’s complexion, body shape and personality. It should also be appropriate for the occasion on which it is worn. Buying a dress keeping the individuality of a person and occasion in mind will never make you go wrong. Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind:

  •    Skin Tone: A person can have dark, wheatish or fair complexion and each skin tone complements different colours. While a brown or black will not look good on a dark coloured lady similarly white or lemon are not going to enhance the porcelain skin. So go for colours that compliment your skin tone.
  •    Body Figure: Depending upon your height and figure you should choose the dress. The particular dress that flattered the curvy figure of your friend will look awful on your slim figure and vice versa. Similarly, you are not even five feet tall, then picking a stylish calf-length dress will definitely a disaster. You need to pick up something with higher hemline to elongate your frame. So, in a nut-shell, the dress should highlight the best part of your body and try to keep the focus away from the not so good part.
  •    Occasion: Each occasion is different and the dress needs to be picked up for that particular occasion. Now, a wedding dress needs to be formal and of rich material which will not go well if you wear it for a cocktail party. So, you should know the rules for picking up the right dress according to the occasion.
  •    Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is equally important depending on the weather. If you wear a knit dress for an outdoor summer party you will look foolish besides being uncomfortable yourself. Fabrics should also be chosen keeping the figure in mind. Clinging fabrics flatter the slim figure but the same expose the problem areas in curvy ones.
  •    Accessories: Picking the right dress is not enough. It should be complemented with the right accessories too. You team up the right dress with a wrong accessory and the entire look will get messed up. Accessories are meant to add flair and style to the outfit. A dull outfit can be complemented by bright accessories and vice versa.

Keeping these pointers in mind you can either shop for the beautiful dresses in brick and mortar shops or can look for it by googling party dresses online India or online dresses India.


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